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Products Order Process

The process of new formulation R&D, building a brand, manufacturing

1Inform the characteristics or send sample to PDL‘s sales person.

2Terms and conditions for the new formulation R&D.

The cost of new formulation research and develop is 3,500 Bath each time.

Min order 40,000 Bath each time.

The development of company’s basic formulation process, such as discoloration, odor change etc, takes around 2 weeks. PDL

The new formulation development depending on the customers
sending sample will takes 2 weeks.(if new ingredient)

Send sample to the customers with product documentation and evaluation.

Customers fill up the satisfaction form which sending by the sales person.

3See the detail same as A(3-9)

Processing time

Pure Derima Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Bulk production period 7-10 business days
Production for separate packaging period        1. Below 1,000 units 14-20 business days                            2. More than 1,000 units 30 business days

* After the company are in full possession of packages with equipment

1. Copy of Identification Card
2. Copy of house registration certificate
3. Shipping Address and Contact Information
4. Map showing location of shipping Address

*In case of being business owner, please arrange additional documents in the following order:

1. Value-added tax registration (Por Por 20)
2. Company certificate

1.Brand name English and Thai
2.Product name English and Thai
3.Packaging to use              4.Net weight

FDA registration process : 7-14 business days

*Depend of FDA’s consideration

Note: If no orders are made within 6 months after receiving the FDA number, we are required to revoke your registration.

Requesting Certificate of free Sale: 7-14 business days

1. Revising existing formula 7-14 business days                           2. Creating new formula or reproducing a Finished Product 30 business days

*Note : Formulation period will restart should there be changes in extracts after sample delivery

Condition: original sample retainment in accordance with FDA regulation.

  • 1 sample retainment for 200 units , ordered
  • 2 samples retainment for 500 units ordered



  • Free formula development with deposit *deduct from product once order      3,500 (Baht/formula)
  • FDA registration                  1,500 Baht (7-20 days)
  • Request Certificate of free sale 2,000 Baht (10-20 days)
  • Halal registration process     10,000 Baht/formula

Packing service fees

  • Packing: 2 Baht/unit
  • sticker fee depend on size
  • LOT/MFG label: 1 Baht each/unit
  • film wrapping : 1-2 Baht/unit (fee depend on size)

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